Land & Farm property

The Orpi national network of real estate agents will help you find the land or vineyard that you need. Our property advisers will help wine-growers who wish to establish themselves in a new area and are looking for a vineyard for sale. To buy a vineyard, it is best to rely on advice from professionals in this field. The advice and guidance of an expert, who will select vineyards and wine properties according to your wishes, will ensure the transaction is carried out to your satisfaction. Whether you wish to settle in the Var, the Pyrenées Orientales or the Rhône Valley, Orpi advisers will propose land or wine estates that meet all your requirements. Entrust your project to our specialists in the field of buying and selling property, land and estates for wine-making.. You will then be sure of settling in a new vineyard and your wine cellar will thrive in an exceptional property.

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