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Luxury apartments, dream homes and symbols of social success, are part of the niche property market unaffected by economic crisis in the long term. Luxury houses are frequently a one-off architectural design or redesigned villas. In most cases, luxury houses are main residences, but sometimes they may be family homes of movie stars for example, for occasional family reunions, even if that means renting them out the rest of the year. When one thinks of a luxury house, the French Riviera springs to mind, but Paris and its south-west suburbs (Neuilly, Saint Germain en Laye, etc…) also offer numerous exceptional residences. The French provinces abound in regions that are waiting to be discovered, like Corsica or the Alps. If in doubt, the best solution is the seasonal rental of a luxury residence to acquaint yourself with a region ! Our Orpi advisers, being specialists in luxury property, will help you acquire your exceptional property. Discover all our luxury houses and properties.

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